About Us

People often ask, “Why adventure based programming?”

Our answer is simple and foundational to all that we do.

We believe that life itself is a journey and an adventure of epic proportions.

Each day, as individuals, we face decisions and experience situations that can have a deep impact on our lives and our futures. Adventure challenges allows us to understand and process the dynamics of life, as well as providing opportunities to grow as a person– physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

The lessons learned through adventure experiences have the potential to produce positive life changes that are both significant and lasting.

We have given parents back daughters they thought they had lost to drugs and sons they believed were destined for a life of poverty and jail cells. We have held babies born to mothers who have broken generational cycles of poverty and abuse.

Our philosophy is based on the concept of “Challenge by Choice” that is, each participant has the right and responsibility to choose their own level of challenge and that choice is fully respected.

Clients we serve…

We regularly support clients to break free from abusive relationships, situations of codependency, addictions and generational connection to financial assistance and child protection services. We see our clients go back to school, get jobs, married, become single, buy homes and gain financial security.