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Roxanne Carter Thompson: Staff

Roxanne Carter-Thompson

Executive Director

Roxanne Carter-Thompson is the Executive Director of the Adventure Group. She started working with the organization in 1993. Over the years Roxanne has developed, co-ordinated and implemented projects in the areas of crime prevention, drug and alcohol prevention, literacy, parenting, and social development with children to name a few.

Roxanne previously taught a course at UPEI called “At The End of Your ROPE: Unravelling Group Conflict.” This course counted as 14 credits towards Conflict Resolution Certification.

Roxanne also taught the benefits of Adventure Based Programming to first year Holland College Sport and Leisure students and an elective course for the second year Sports and Leisure program.

Roxanne has a strong background and extensive training in Adventure Based Programming, Behaviourial Sciences, Human Relations, Organizational Behavior, Communications and Management Development. Roxanne has facilitated over 400 workshops in such areas as respect and diversity, personal growth and self awareness, leadership, problem solving and team building for the community, government and corporate sectors.

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Rae Sherren: Staff

Rae Sherren

Assistant Executive Director

Rae Sherren is now the Assistant Executive Director but was first involved with the Adventure Group as a youth leader from 1994-1997. In 2006 she returned as coordinator of the After School Program where she worked with more than 200 intermediate school age youth to improve their self-confidence and sense of worth. In 2007-09 she worked within the school system as a substitute teacher which has helped build skills to effectively engage the youth she works with.

Since 2006 Rae has facilitated over 500 personal growth workshops and team building days utilizing the organization’s ROPES Course. She would say one of the best parts of her job is seeing people push themselves outside their comfort zone to realize their inner strengths. She continues to work with the Life Management Program, facilitating in the classroom and giving career development support to our clients as well as other outreach support.

She is committed to helping others overcome barriers to have them see their true potential. She uses her background in Psychology, her eagerness for continuous learning and her positive attitude and energy to deliver quality programs.

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Lynn Glydon: Staff

Lynn Glydon

Lynn Glydon is a spirited, energetic and devoted member of the Adventure Group family. From the inception of the Adventure Group in 1992, Lynn has been contributing her love for fun, her ability to connect with others, and her problem solving skills as a Facilitator of Personal Growth Workshops and summer programs, reaching youth from over Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia.

She is passionate about helping others discover and utilize their own potential. She has a strong background in the areas of Life Skills Training, Adventure Based Facilitation, Leadership Development and Self-Esteem programming. Lynn has delivered life, parenting and employability skills programs since 2004 to youth ages 16-30. Over hundreds of youth have successfully completed these programs with Lynn’s guidance and as a result, they were able to make significant changes in their personal and work lives.

She is now using that experience to mentor and coach individuals through the Proper Program. Lynn mentored under Clara Roche for two years before completing her Life Skills Coach Training in March of 2006 through Holland College.

Since then she has attended numerous training days and conferences that have contributed to her skills in adventure based facilitation. In 2015 Lynn received The Adventure Group “Champion for Youth Award” for her dedication to work with the youth of Prince Edward Island.

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Denise Cheverie: Staff

Denise Cheverie

Denise Cheverie previously worked with the Adventure Group back in 2001-2004 and during that time she created the After-School Program that ran for a number of years to youth in junior high schools within Charlottetown. Denise returned in the fall of 2010 bringing her adventure based programming skills.

She also brings her background in management and various skills she gained from being a business owner. To date, Denise has facilitated over 100 workshops including personal growth, conflict resolution and team building. Currently, she is the Coordinator/Facilitator for our Life and Work Management Program delivering life, parenting and employability skills to youth aged 18-30.

Denise has obtained various training to enhance her skills such as: Life Skills Coach Training, Conflict to Collaboration Skills Development, Mental Health First Aid for Youth certification and most recently, has become an EFT International Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner. Denise is passionate about learning holistic healing and is driven to continue educating herself to support those individuals she works closely with and is passionate when it comes to cultivation new ways to approach life and its challenges.

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Alyse Rossiter: Staff

Alyse Rossiter

Alyse Rossiter joined the Adventure Group in 2016 as an intern and soon was promoted to Special Projects Coordinator. In that role she organized our 25th Anniversary Celebration which was a huge success.

In the past 4 years she has worn all hats from fundraising, food donations, cook and supervisor for our summer programs.

Alyse assists in facilitating personal growth/team building workshops and is trained in ROPES Course Facilitation.

In 2019 she was mentored to work with The Life and Work Management Program. She brings empathy, patience and past experience to the classroom which is important for relationship building with clients.

Alyse is a motivated and determined mom of 3. She continues to challenge herself to learn new things and build her skills.

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Marlene Gotell: Staff

Marlene Gotell

Marlene joined The Adventure Group in the fall of 2017 where she worked with the Harvest and Prosper Program. She came to us with an extensive background in workshop development and facilitation. Some of her workshop development includes a series of 12 hour workshops focusing on Personal Development, Self Esteem, and the over 50 Worker re-entering the world of work. Marlene currently spends her time at the Adventure Group working as Coordinator and Lead Facilitator with the Prosper Program.

She is an educated and skilled Personal Development, Life Skills and Career Development Coach. Life Skills is based on everyone has their own answers.

If you were to ask past clients how did Marlene Challenge you? You would hear them say, “I was challenged to look within myself to discover the barriers holding me back in life. I was guided to the tools needed to help make sense of these barriers and how to overcome them. I was motivated to look toward the future instead of dwelling on the past.” You would also hear that “Marlene challenged me to get out of my own way. She encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and try a new approach.”

Marlene is known for saying one of her greatest joys at work is to nurture an environment that builds trust and healthy self- esteem, guide clients to an understanding of the concept “Equal I, Thou” and then, start running to catch up to them.

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Kelly Clement Gennis: Staff

Kelly Clements-Gennis

Kelly Clements-Gennis joined the Adventure Group team in 2019 as a Job Coach with the Prosper Program. She brings enthusiasm, empathy and a bright spirit to every client she works with.

Kelly’s gift for motivating and inspiring people goes all the way back to grade six where she offered words of hope and support to those who felt they didn’t fit in. This gift carried on throughout her entire student career, where her natural state of being was reaching out to those in need.

At the age of 18, Kelly gave birth to three month premature twin boys, changing her life dramatically. She wanted to share her experiences and reach out for support but didn’t know where to turn. Kelly then chose to become her own lifter upper and decided to use her experience to motivate and lift others.

Kelly is a Certified Life Coach, Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Yoga Instructor, she has transformed the lives of many by using her holistic approach, meaning she focuses on developing and empowering the whole person. She uses these skills to encourage and empower her Prosper clients.

“I believe everyone deserves love and support, and that no one should be left behind. The only time we should look down on someone is when we are helping them up.” – Kelly

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Staff: Kirstin Lund

Kirstin Lund

Kirstin Lund is a conflict resolution consultant offering services in mediation, facilitation and conflict resolution training. Since leaving the practice of law in 1996, Kristin has co-ordinated many Provincial and Atlantic projects focused on conflict resolution, family violence prevention, problem solving for parents and children and social

A faculty member of UPEI’s Centre for Conflict Resolution Studies since 1998, Kirstin teaches several courses, including Introduction to Internet-Based Conflict Resolution, Interest Based Mediation, At the End of Your ROPE:
Unravelling Group Conflict, and the Advanced Practice Seminar. She is one of two assessors for UPEI’s certificate program applicants and is an assessor for Family Mediation Canada’s national Certification Program.

Kirstin has been involved in the development of the Adventure Group’s Transformative Parenting Program, which she continues to facilitate with Roxanne Carter-Thompson, and is currently working with the Adventure Group on the Rural Parents Network Project as a facilitator. Her involvement in both projects has assisted her to develop new skills to try out with her two boys, Bobby and Eddie.

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Staff: Clara Roche

Clara Roche

In memory- A true inspiration and guiding spirit

Clara Roche believed that life was an adventure, designed to be lived to the fullest. Over the course of her career as a social services worker, she has contibuted to the community and the lives of many through her vibrant spirit, her warm hugs and her vigor for life. She believed that the most remarkable thing about life, and the only thing we can control, is attitude. She inspired the attitudes of everyone she met, guiding through compassion, respect and dedication.

Clara had the gift of making whomever was in her presence feel like they were important. She always took the time to
care, listening with an open mind and heart, not because she had to but because she wanted to. She modeled the power of conviction, never taking “No” for an answer and never accepting the words, “I can’t”.

At the Adventure Group, she helped others move forward with their lives and recognize their worth, helping them climb the ladder, cross the rope and let everything else go. For the last decade, at the end of each program she would say her final goodbyes, and announce her retirement; however, she always found a reason to come back. She could not retire from being herself.

Clara Roche was an incredible mentor, leader and co-worker. She will be truly missed and never forgotten.

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