We bring together community resources to share research, skills and the most promising practices for moving low-income women/men out of poverty.

We also invest in Islanders to help increase their income by helping them to learn to identify their strengths and skills and build upon them.

This positive “asset-based” approach avoids creating long-term dependency and builds self-confidence – an essential tool for starting the difficult journey out of poverty.

We provide customized services with the goal to help our clients build a solid foundation that includes stable housing, childcare, employment skills, self-confidence, financial literacy, a strong social network and a supportive family.


It is our hope by breaking generational cycles of poverty that we will be supporting parents to create brighter future for their children.

We have helped more than 894 young women and men move out of poverty. Along the way, each individual has contributed to the Island’s economy and created a more secure future for themselves and their children.

Adventure Group Statistics – Case Study

Over the years we have kept statistics on our clients and the progress they have made. This tangible evidence along with research in this area shows the impact our programs have had on our clients and their children.

The following are the results of a case study of 40 recent graduates of our Life Management Program.


While many have changed jobs since they graduated from the program, usually, this was a promotion in terms of pay and position. One continues to work on her recovery.