Staff: Clara Roche

Clara Roche believed that life was an adventure, designed to be lived to the fullest. Over the course of her career as a social services worker, she has contibuted to the community and the lives of many through her vibrant spirit, her warm hugs and her vigor for life. She believed that the most remarkable thing about life, and the only thing we can control, is attitude. She inspired the attitudes of everyone she met, guiding through compassion, respect and dedication.

Clara had the gift of making whomever was in her presence feel like they were important. She always took the time to
care, listening with an open mind and heart, not because she had to but because she wanted to. She modeled the power of conviction, never taking “No” for an answer and never accepting the words, “I can’t”.

At the Adventure Group, she helped others move forward with their lives and recognize their worth, helping them climb the ladder, cross the rope and let everything else go. For the last decade, at the end of each program she would say her final goodbyes, and announce her retirement; however, she always found a reason to come back. She could not retire from being herself.

Clara Roche was an incredible mentor, leader and co-worker. She will be truly missed and never forgotten.