Marlene Gotell: Staff

Marlene joined The Adventure Group in the fall of 2017 where she worked with the Harvest and Prosper Program. She came to us with an extensive background in workshop development and facilitation. Some of her workshop development includes a series of 12 hour workshops focusing on Personal Development, Self Esteem, and the over 50 Worker re-entering the world of work. Marlene currently spends her time at the Adventure Group working as Coordinator and Lead Facilitator with the Prosper Program.

She is an educated and skilled Personal Development, Life Skills and Career Development Coach. Life Skills is based on everyone has their own answers.

If you were to ask past clients how did Marlene Challenge you? You would hear them say, “I was challenged to look within myself to discover the barriers holding me back in life. I was guided to the tools needed to help make sense of these barriers and how to overcome them. I was motivated to look toward the future instead of dwelling on the past.” You would also hear that “Marlene challenged me to get out of my own way. She encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and try a new approach.”

Marlene is known for saying one of her greatest joys at work is to nurture an environment that builds trust and healthy self- esteem, guide clients to an understanding of the concept “Equal I, Thou” and then, start running to catch up to them.