Rae Sherren is now the Assistant Executive Director but was first involved with the Adventure Group as a youth leader from 1994-1997. In 2006 she returned as coordinator of the After School Program where she worked with more than 200 intermediate school age youth to improve their self-confidence and sense of worth. In 2007-09 she worked within the school system as a substitute teacher which has helped build skills to effectively engage the youth she works with.

Since 2006 Rae has facilitated over 500 personal growth workshops and team building days utilizing the organization’s ROPES Course. She would say one of the best parts of her job is seeing people push themselves outside their comfort zone to realize their inner strengths. She continues to work with the Life Management Program, facilitating in the classroom and giving career development support to our clients as well as other outreach support.

She is committed to helping others overcome barriers to have them see their true potential. She uses her background in Psychology, her eagerness for continuous learning and her positive attitude and energy to deliver quality programs.