Roxanne Carter Thompson: Staff

Roxanne Carter-Thompson is the Executive Director of the Adventure Group. She started working with the organization in 1993. Over the years Roxanne has developed, co-ordinated and implemented projects in the areas of crime prevention, drug and alcohol prevention, literacy, parenting, and social development with children to name a few.

Roxanne previously taught a course at UPEI called “At The End of Your ROPE: Unravelling Group Conflict.” This course counted as 14 credits towards Conflict Resolution Certification.

Roxanne also taught the benefits of Adventure Based Programming to first year Holland College Sport and Leisure students and an elective course for the second year Sports and Leisure program.

Roxanne has a strong background and extensive training in Adventure Based Programming, Behaviourial Sciences, Human Relations, Organizational Behavior, Communications and Management Development. Roxanne has facilitated over 800 workshops in such areas as respect and diversity, personal growth and self awareness, leadership, problem solving and team building for the community, government and corporate sectors.